Celebrating Women's Beauty, Strength, and Grace

March is declared as Women's month, a time to celebrate the beauty, strength and grace of women all over the world. Boholana artists guild, Baji, celebrates it every year with a month-long art exhibit. Being the frustrated artist that I am, I have been participating since the pioneering exhibition last 2011. The theme for this year was Babay'ng Buhat which stands for a woman's way in Bisayan language. Artists submitted works that symbolize the lifestyle and image of women. Artworks ranged from paintings, photographs, poetry, to installation art. I felt honored to join amazing artists from all over the province of Bohol, including renowned ma'am Nene Lungay. 

As for my submission, I created my work especially for the exhibit. My painting symbolizes how a woman endures pain to accomplish goals, entitled Pain=Gain.

My work with artist's note

Below are Baji 2013: Babay'ng Buhat artworks. See how talented Boholana artists are.

Participating Boholana artists for Baji 2013

I'm making it a tradition to take a picture with the logo every year

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